LAHORE (Web Desk) – A fake doctor continued to conduct brain surgeries in the Services hospital, the Punjab Assembly was told on Thursday.

According to reports, a facade doctor continued to conduct brain surgeries in the government’s flagship tertiary care hospital in the provincial capital.

Member Punjab Assembly (MPA) Amjad Ali Javed through an adjournment motion said that the so-called neurosurgeon, Dr Maima, performed surgeries in the Services Hospital, the second largest health facility in the country, for eight months.

She was uncovered when she failed to accurately respond to some queries of the hospital’s neurosurgery department head Prof Dr Rizwan Masood Butt during a round of the ward.

On doubt, Prof Butt informed the hospital administration, which sent her academic credentials to the University of Health Sciences, King Edward Medical University and other institutions for verification, only to learn the documents were bogus.

The motion claimed that a Young Doctors Association (YDA) leader, Dr Jafar, had introduced Ms Maima as his fiancé and used his influence to get her selected as house officer in the hospital, where she worked under Surgeon Prof Dr Javed Gardezi in the general surgery ward for three months.

Then she was transferred to the neurosurgery department, where she operated upon many patients.

Though both Dr Jafar and Ms Maima had been sacked from their jobs, the motion said, the situation left a big question mark on the

Speaker Rana Iqbal pended the neither motion as, neither adviser to chief minister on health Khwaja Salman Rafique nor parliamentary secretary for health Khwaja Imran Nazeer, was present in the house.