LAHORE – A Pakistani teenager stuns the public by rotating his flexible shoulders 360 degrees that seems painful positions while watching.

Abdullah Shah, 17, regularly shows off his flexibility before the people in a local garden of Lahore, the Daily Mail reported.

By rotating his shoulders, he can move his hands to touch his neck, shoulder blades and waist, before relocating them back.

The flexibility exercise that feels like a weird form of torture is a cakewalk for him as Shah said that he has never suffered any injury after the performance. He learned the tricks by himself.

‘It is like a cakewalk for me. I have been doing these for years now. It is so much fun. Not only bend my shoulders but I can also bend my hands and legs,’ the boy boasted about his flexibility.

The fitness fanatic says: ‘I used to exercise daily. One day by chance I expanded and bent my shoulders. The result was amazing. I came to know that I cannot just easily dislocate my shoulders but also dislocate them without pain. I started practicing and gradually excelled in it.’

The boy now wishes to get famous through his unique talent but aspires to become a doctor for a living.