LAHORE – Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi, who is currently in hot waters for allegedly violating recruitment rules, asked the Supreme Judicial Council to start proceedings against him in open court.

The chief justice has submitted an application with the council in this regard, while it has not been accepted so far.

Sources told Saeed Chaudhry, an editor reporting Daily Pakistan, that the council has issued notices to five judges of high courts, including three judges of LHC and two judges of IHC following the charges of violation of the code of conduct.

They added that the council offered the judges that disciplinary action will be halted against them and all concession including pension will be given if they voluntarily tender resignation.

After the offer, Justice Mazhar Iqbal, who was involved in harassing the police staff on not providing him protocol for renewal of the driving license, has resigned from the post.  In 2015, Iqbal also entangled with the registrar of LHC on the inquiry of the case and his staff mistreated the registrar.

The secretary and driver of Iqbal were suspended on it and later Secretary Yaseen Toor resigned from the post. Iqbal was appointed LHC judged on February 19, 2010.

One of the two remaining judges of LHC is accused of having an offshore company, while the former chief justice of Supreme Court Zaheer Anwar Jamali had given observation for other in a verdict.