Inspirational story of how Pak Army soldier Abdul Jabbar emraced martyrdom in Operation Khyber-IV

  • After killing six terrorists, Abdul Jabbar started chasing others and stepped on an IED
  • Ignoring the pain, the commander kept on inquring about his performance and recited Kalima minutes before dying

MINGORA – As Pakistan Army has launched Operation Khyber-IV to cleanse Rajgal Valley of terrorists, the valiant soldiers are leaving no stone unturned to smash out terrorism.

A soldier belonging to the same clan of brave forces, Sepoy Abdul Jabbar embraced martyrdom during the operation in the hours before dawn last week and the way he sacrificed his life for the homeland is truly inspiring.

Detailing how Abdul Jabbar lost his life in the face of terrorism, his officer expressed that the soldier was part of a twelve-member team who were facing off terrorists.

Abdul Jabbar from Special Services Group (SSG) along with another fellow Danish got engaged in a combat fight with the terrorists killing six of them while two others tried to flee the scene.

As soon as Abdul Jabbar got to know of the two terrorists, he started chasing them although his fellow Danish tried to stop him. The passionate Abdul Jabbar managed to kill another terrorist.

But, as Abdul Jabbar knew that the last terrorist was still alive, he continued hunting him and in that attempt, he stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) that exploded and lifted him some eight feet up in the air.

Although the explosion was massive and the soldier was badly injured, even then he did not utter a single word to describe his pain.

Abdul Jabbar was rescued from the spot after which a helicopter was arranged to provide him treatment, however, as the operation was being carried out in a hilly area, the chopper could not land.

Due to tall trees, Jabbar could not be airlifted so he could be provided with the best medical treatment inside the helicopter.

The brave soldier, who was definitely in severe pain was then taken to the commanding officer where, completely ignoring his pain, he inquired whether the operation carried out by him was up to the mark.

His officer, witnessing a rare bravery and compassion from his officer, despite having utilised all his resources, kissed his forehead and lauded his service.

The satisfied, yet injured commando kept on wondering whether there was any deficiency in the operation carried out by him or not but his companions assured him that what he did was marvellous.

And lastly, when his colleagues carried him through the difficult passage up in Rajgal Valley, he started reciting Kalima (Holy verse) and during the last ten minutes of his life, he kept reciting that before finally departing this world.

Abdul Jabbar was laid to rest in Peshawar. His matchless struggle would definitely be a model for his upcoming juniors.

It bears mentioning that the Pakistan Army has launched operation Khyber-IV last week under Radd-ul-Fasaad (RuF) to “wipe out terrorists” in the Rajgal Valley area of Khyber Agency.

“An operation to wipe out terrorists has been launched in Rajgal valley in Khyber Agency,” DG ISPR Maj Gen Ghafoor said.

Khyber 4 seeks to target terrorist hideouts in what the DG ISPR called “the most critical area in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata)”.