SRINAGAR (Online) – All Parties Hurriyet Conference (Gilani) Chairman Syed Ali Gilani has received life threats from underworld don Ravi Pujari.

The Indian don called on the landline number of Hurriyet office in Hyderpura in Srinagar using uncivilised, abusive and threatening tone, according to party spokesman Ayaz Akbar.

“The gangster himself confirmed the threat call on a private news channel of India threatening to kill Gilani.

“Despite all these threats, Mr Gilani will continue to pursue his stand and continue his struggle for freedom of Kashmir,” he added.

Ravi Pujara.–File photo
Ravi Pujara.–File photo

The spokesman said that issuing threatening statements on a TV channel by a gangster raises many questions and it clearly indicates that he has the backing of the Indian government and communal forces of India.

“The Indian government would be held directly responsible if any unpleasant incident happened to the Hurriyet chairman,” stated Akbar, adding the Hurriyet was mulling over consulting legal experts on the issue.

Akbar said the gangster’s sudden intervention in the Kashmir dispute is not meaningless. “Ravi Pujari is a third-grade uncivilised goon and his threat to kill Gilani is a matter of concern in the wake of rising intolerance in India.”