LAHORE – Hassaan Khan Niazi, a laywer, took to his Facebook page and shared his appalling ordeal of being ‘terrorised and bullied’ by cars escorting around a VIP, and claimed his vehicle was damaged on the left side after being hit by one of the cars.

Writing on his Facebook wall, Niazi said there were six cars, out of which the “royal prince/princess” were travelling in a BMW and that the cars were taking more than one lane, thus obstructing his passage in the process.

He further wrote that he would soon lodge a complaint with the police who think they are above the law and not equal to other citizens.

“Thing is, neither can they terrorise us. Nor will we get terrorised. We will fight back. Thanks to the modern technology and social media. We are no slaves. We will protest. We should embarrass them so they can’t face the public,” Nizai said.

“I want to register my complaint to police tomorrow. For that I want to find out who are these ‘badmash’ who are above the law. Who think they are special and superior to the other citizens.”

He also posted two videos in the post showing the cars moving.

Many Facebook users in the comments’ section also noticed the same discrepancy.