WASHINGTON – Pakistan and the United States need close cooperation to beat terrorism and establish endurable peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry said.

The ambassador was addressing at the Department of International Studies, University of St. Thomas (under the ‘Distinguished Diplomat Program’ (DDP) and at Baker’s Institute for Public Policy, Rice University.

“Pakistan and US need to build on their commonalities to further strengthen bilateral relationship”, he said while giving an overview seven-decade long relations of the two countries.

Tracing the history of the close cooperation and the successes during the Cold War era, and the unprecedented level of cooperation in the Post 9/11 scenario, the Ambassador said that while the relationship has seen its ups and downs, both countries have continued to engage and cooperate with each other for long sustained periods.

He maintained that the challenges facing both countries in the form of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and security situation in Afghanistan also provided an opportunity for future cooperation and engagement. – APP