LAHORE (Web Desk) – The English High Court on Tuesday rejected India’s attempt to strike out Pakistan’s claim to the Hyderabad Fund, a bank account set up by the British government after Partition in the name of the High Commissioner of Pakistan.

This was revealed in a press statement issued by the Foreign Office.

“The 75-page judgment of Henderson J is a clear vindication of Pakistan’s principled stance, and the effective legal strategy being pursued by the new legal team,” said a statement issued by FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria.

India had challenged Pakistan’s claim to GBP 35 million kept in a bank account in the name of the High Commissioner of Pakistan since 20th September 1948. The money was transferred from Nizam-e-Hyderabad for Pakistan before capture of his state by India.

“The Judge accepted that there was good evidence in support of Pakistan’s claim to the monies, which needed to be fully considered at a trial. The Judge also accepted that there were good legal arguments which were supportive of Pakistan’s position,” the communique said.

New Delhi will now face a substantial cost claim, as a result of losing its applications.