GUJRAT – A nomad, generally believed to belong to a financially strapped segment of society, organized a splendid marriage procession that put many to shame.

Goga, who desired to fulfil his wishes by splashing money, arranged an extravagant do for his son Mohsin in extravagant fashion, and invited singers to the nuptial ceremony where the youngster’s danced and enjoyed the event.

A limousine was hired for the event and the groom’s family used it to proceed towards the bride Sobia’s place. Moreover, 20 more luxury cars were also part of the procession that zoomed throughout Gujrat.

According to media reports, a drone camera, for capturing aerial shots, was used for the coverage of the event.

On the walima ceremony of Mohsin, 800 guests were served with delicious food where the relatives of bride Sobia were given 20 tons of sugar along with 5 tons of pure ghee as per their customs.