Rangers to stay in Punjab for another 60 days

  • Policing powers were granted to Rangers after the Mall Road blast in February

LAHORE – The Punjab government on Friday extended the policing powers of the Rangers in the province for another 60 days, according to an Interior Ministry notification.

The para-military forces will continue to enjoy policing and other powers for prevention of terrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997, for 60 days starting August 21, the notification said.

The decision to deploy Rangers in Punjab came in the aftermath of a suicide attack at Charing Cross on Lahore’s Mall Road on Feb 13, which claimed the lives of 14, including police officials.

The powers to Rangers were given under articles 7 and 10 of The Pakistan Rangers Ordinance, 1959.

Under the Article 7, the paramilitary force “can assist the police in prevention and detection of crime in border area and reinforce the police for maintenance of law and order.”

The Article 10 allows the government to “confer or impose upon any member of the force powers or duties conferred or imposed on a police officer of any class or grade by any enactment.”