LAHORE – Celebrated journalist and an internationally acclaimed development activist, Sidra Iqbal hosted the spectacular VEON launch event on Wednesday.

VEON is the personal internet platform geared to change the way we operate in the digital world and a star-studded event regarding this, at Expo Centre, garnered social media spotlight.

VEON partnering with Jazz Pakistan have launched a multimedia mobile app where you can find a lot of media, ranging from interesting news articles and videos to the latest music. It is the latest way to keep in touch with anyone, anytime.

Elated at hosting the event, she stated, “It feels great to be part of the most exciting ‘communication and connectivity’ launch of the year that will unlock new opportunities and transform the way we navigate in the digital world.”

A star-studded night with VEON Official Launch in Pakistan

Sidra Iqbal, known for her outstanding hosting skills, is the leading influencer for all knowledge base forward-looking transformation dialogue. Be it be fintech, innovation or the future of youth in Pakistan, Sidra is seen as the leading mind and preferred voice for all such events.

She recently co-founded and launched Raabta, a public diplomacy initiative focused on Culture, Economy and Future.

She is certainly gaining more strength and momentum as a development enthusiast and forward looking futurist.