KARACHI – A nineteen-year-old girl was killed by her father and grandfather for taking a selfie with a young cousin in an honour killing attempt, local media reported.

The incident happened in Pirabad area of the metropolitan and a case has been registered against them by the mother of the deceased girl.

The mother told that her husband and father-in-law locked her up in a room when they gave poisoned to the teenage daughter for merely making a picture with the cousin.

“When I tried to convince the suspects to take the girl to a hospital for treatment, they threatened me to kill,” the woman said in a statement.

Police, earlier, showed reluctance to register the case but it was registered after a lower court issued the orders, she said.

After registered a case, police has moved the court, seeking approval for opening the grave of the girl for further investigation, 92 News reported.

The boy has also been killed by the family.

Honour killings are on the rise in Pakistan and most of the victims are women.