With the arrival of the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world are busy keeping fasts to please Al Mighty and in return develop the important virtues of patience, abstinence and love.

While keeping their fast, Muslims are prohibited from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk. As a result, they need to eat food during Sehri which keep them energised throughout the day. Therefore, we can easily say a finger licking Sehri is a key to keeping the Shaytaan away! So, hurry up! keep your stomach satisfied by gobbling all the delicious food.

In order to help all the Muslims living in Pakistan make the most of their Sehri, Jovago Pakistan brings you a list of Sehri deals that are a must avail this Ramadan.

Rosati Bistro
With its excellence-to-the-table philosophy, Rosati Bistro offers delicious Italian, Mexican and Lebanese cuisines that are simply mouth-watering. A restaurant which is fit for formal and casual dining’s, Rosati offers the perfect opportunity to start your fast with a delicious Sehri that is even easy in your pocket. Rosati offers lucrative Sehri deals through which foodies can avail almost 50% discount on the entire menu from 12 am until Sehri time.

Pizza Max
With its theme of a pizza slice from heaven, Pizza Max promises you a burst of creativity each time you visit the pizza joint. From its interior to its food offerings, everything is spot on that takes you out on an out of the world journey. During Ramadan, Pizza Max offers to dine in deals with your friends and family. It’s the right time to gobble down all scrumptious pizza flavours from am until Sehri time. So, rush to Pizza Max and enjoy the “All you can eat” Sehri deals with per head cost of Rs 699.

Fat Burger
Starting off in an attempt to create the perfect burger combinations, the foreign food chain has opened its doors to Pakistanis as well. To allure all those foodies out there who want to enjoy a scrumptious Sehri with their friends and family, Fat Burger offers the perfect opportunity in the form of the mouth-watering Ramadan deals of “Fast & the Feast”. In this deal, there are three different easy on pocket offers which are available during the Holy month.

Enjoy these delicious Sehri deals to ensure that your food cravings are satisfied for the entire day. Do not forget to share your feedback regarding these Sehri deals with us in the comment section below. Happy Ramadan!