LONDON (Web Desk) – Former world boxing champion and Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan has just returned from refugee aid mission in Greece but he intends to visit again.

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The British boxer with Pakistani origin  joined an aid convoy sent from his foundation – based in Bolton – to one of the Greek Islands.

His charity, the Amir Khan Foundation, and the anti-poverty charity, PennyAppeal, gathered aid and were in Greece for four days.

Khan helped organise the delivery of thousands of pounds worth of aid to Syrian refugees on the island of Lesbos after seeing the images of the small boy who drowned trying to flee Syria.

Seven vans full of aid such as bottles of water, sleeping bags and food set off from Khan’s gym last week and the boxer flew over to Lesbos to join them a few days later.

He was joined by a team of 20 volunteers who travelled with the donated items in a convoy across Europe.

Khan intends to send more vans to Lesbos in a few weeks’ time due to the amount of donations he has received.

The article was originally published at Emirates 24/7.