Powerpuff Girls add a fourth member to their team and the internet is freaking out

  • With her shiny blue hair, purple dress and explosive new power, Bliss is making headlines

Sunday, 18th September changed something for the iconic Powerpuff girls show. It’s not sugar, spice and everything nice anymore.

Cartoon Network introduced a fourth member to the Powerpuff trio and internet offered mixed reactions to it. The newest recruit was unveiled during an hour special show, ‘Power of Four’. With her shiny blue hair, light purple dress and an explosive new power, Blisstina or Bliss won over the hearts of many, but there are many who are having a hard time accepting her.

Good or bad reviews! Bliss is the new talk of town. Who is she? Where has she been? Viewers are dying to seek answers to all these questions.

Although considered to be Bubbles imaginary friends at first, Bliss was revealed to be an earlier version of Professor Utonium’s ‘Perfect Little Girl’ experiment. She was thought to be lost forever as a result of a trauma-induced explosion, before she made it back. And MAN!! she made it back big.

The Twitter responses on the induction of Bliss are both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Some welcomed her on-board enthusiastically and can’t wait to wear customized hoodies.


Honestly! who wouldn’t want one of these hoodies?


And obviously, how can internet forget her uncanny resemblance to Nikki Minaj!

Which one is the image and which one is Avatar?


A tan is always nice and can’t go unnoticed. but the reason Bliss is tan is a little too hilarious.

Only if getting perfect TAN was this EASY, Bruh!


And how can Powerpuff girls die-heart fans bear – anyone and everyone – to come out and start commenting on the newest addition to the family?


Chill Bruh!


And this person who was a little too happy by Bliss’s departure.


Don’t go 🙁

But whatever, the internet says, we absolutely love this newest, and a little evil, addition to the family and we think now she is here she will win over naysayers in no time.