BOSTON (Web Desk) – A man whose penis was removed because of cancer has undergone first successful penis transplant in the United States.

According to reports, Thomas Manning, aged 64, successfully underwent the transplant surgery after a 15 hour operation on May 8 and 9  at  Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

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The procedure is primarily intended for cancer patients and war veterans with various pelvic injuries.

Mr.Manning welcomed queries regarding the operation adding that he wanted to dismiss shame and stigma associated with genital anomalies.

According to Dr. Cetrulo, the surgery cost at $50,000 to $75,000 while the organ was donated by a deceased donor. If all goes as planned, normal urination should be possible for Mr. Manning within a few weeks, and sexual function in weeks to months, Dr. Cetrulo said.

The overjoyed Mr.manning said “If I’m lucky, I get 75 percent of what I used to be,” he said. “Before the surgery I was 10 percent. But they made no promises. That was part of the deal.”