DUBAI (Web Desk) – An Indian worker, who threatened to kill a compatriot church acquaintance if he did not let him marry his daughter, was sentenced to three months in jail by a court in Dubai.

According to the records, on July 6 at 7am, manager KJ, 47, received a call on his mobile phone. The caller identified himself with his real name and asked the manager if he would like to meet him in the church in Al Quoz, the Emirates247 reported.

“I was surprised by the call as I do not know from where or whom he got my mobile number. I only met him in church but I did not communicate with him. I did not ask him how he got my number and he also did not tell me,” said the manager.

The manager received another phone call from KJ, 28, in the evening. In this call, he proposed to marry his 19-year-old daughter, saying that he loves her.

“It was shocking for me to hear that. I immediately asked him to stop thinking of that and to stop calling me and hung up,” the manager told investigators.

However, the man did not stop calling the manager. He called thrice on the same evening and in the following week.

“He continued calling me at different times of the day, in early morning, at evening and mid-night. I answered one of the calls and asked him to stop annoying me. He did not stop and continued calling me, making 28 calls in total,” said the manager.

On July 11, at around 9am, the manager got out of his house in Al Quoz, heading for office and saw the worker standing in the parking lot.

“I asked the building watchman about the man in the parking lot. The watchman told me that he had been waiting for me since 6am. He lied to the watchman who asked him why he is standing there and told him that I had agreed with him to wait for me there,” the manager told investigators.

The manager and the watchman asked the worker why he is there. The worker again shocked the manager by asking him for money without specifying any amount. The manager asked the watchman to take the worker out of the area before leaving the place.

“An hour later, I got a call from him. He asked me again for money. When I asked him why I should give him money, he answered that I am like his uncle and I should financially help him.

“I refused to give him and asked him to end the call. When he did not and continued asking for money, I hung up the phone,” the manager said.

In the evening, the worker pursued the manager to the church in Oud Metha area and threatened to kill him and his family if he did not accept his proposal to marry his daughter.

“When I came out of the church at around 10.15pm, I saw the worker standing near my car. He asked me for money and to allow him to marry my daughter or he would kill me and my family if I refused,” said the manager.

The manager succeeded in preventing the worker from getting into his car and drove away.

A couple of hours later, at midnight, the worker called the manager but the latter did not answer the call.

On the following day morning at 7am, the watchman called the manager and told him that the worker was down the building.

“I asked him to let him be there and I called the police who arrived and arrested him,” the manager said.

The accused admitted to his crime, claiming that he only wanted to marry the girl.