BEIJING (Web Desk) – A married Chinese couple are so fat that they never had sex in life.

The couple has decided to undergo his and hers weight-loss surgery so they can have kids together.

Lin Yue and Deng Yang tip the scales at a combined weight of nearly 882 pounds, according to Central European News.


The plus-size lovebirds, both 30-year-olds, have been married since 2010, but haven’t been able to have sex because of their weight.

But after China’s heaviest person — a 538-pound woman who goes by the nickname Qian Qian — announced she was going to have gastric bypass surgery earlier this month, the couple decided they should, too.

They’d always hoped to have a family, and see gastric bypass surgery as their chance to realise their dreams of parenthood.

Courtesy:  NEW YORK POST