After receiving much flak for comparing himself to a victim of rape, Dabang Khan has now made it a point to speak only when necessary.

After all this buzz in his life, Salman finally felt apologetic decided to keep his lips zipped as much as possible and speak only when it’s dreadfully needed.

During promotional activities for the IIFa awards in Spain, Salman Khan told media that it would be better for him to keep his words as brief as possible.

The actor was recently inundated with a flood of reproach after saying he felt like a raped woman during his shoots for the movie ‘Sultan’, a movie on the traditional wrestling culture of the subcontinent.

Salman Khan’s offensive comment caused the wrath of the public to descend on him, as his fans frantically urged him to apologize publicly for hurting the sentiments of women around the country.

It seems the calls of his fans have made some impact on the Bollywood star. “I respect women,” said Khan, explaining that he had made the comment carelessly, and promising to be careful with his words in the future.

Hopefully, all the backlash has been enough to convince Khan to choose his words more wisely in the future.