MONACO (Web Desk) – A Russian architect has designed a cobra-shaped skyscraper, predicting that his snake-like tower will be built in a prominent Middle Eastern city.

The majestic design features a round base to appear like a serpent’s body, as well as an open-mouthed head, set to house a terraced ‘restaurant or nightclub’.


The aptly named ‘Asian Cobra Tower’ has been designed by Monaco-based architect Vasily Klyukin, from Moscow, the Mail Online reported.

Mr Klyukin claims his work is ‘predicting the future’, and his past creations have included yachts with detachable jets.


The designer believes his snake tower would most likely entice developers in cities in the Middle East and Asia, where snakes are reportedly seen as a sign of wisdom.

“In Japan telling someone that he is a snake means a compliment. In China snakes and dragons often mean the same,” Mr Klyukin explains.

Included in the designs for the black and gold snake are changeable lights that run right up the structure, and a diamond pattern on the back to reflect Ying and Yang.