NEW JERSEY (Web Desk) – Twin sisters have given birth to girls just six minutes apart at the same hospital.

Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery delivered daughters Cora and Louisa six minutes apart on Monday afternoon at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees.


Edington says she and her sister were both due to deliver their children on Friday. But Edginton was told to go to the hospital for labor while she was at a doctor’s appointment.

Edington says that as she was on her way to the hospital with her husband, she got a call saying Montgomery was on her way there, too.

‘As I was calling my family to tell them I was going in, they told me my sister was going in, too,’ Edginton told the New York Daily News.

When they arrived at the hospital, they found out they would be giving birth just across the hall from one another.


‘As I was getting checked into my labor room, she was able to come in and say hi,’ Edginton said. ‘I feel very blessed to be going through this with my best friend.’