KAMPALA (Web Desk) – Kizza Besigye lost the vote to long-serving leader Yoweri Museveniin in Uganda’s recent presidential election. But he isn’t letting the tally stand in the way of him assuming the country’s highest office.

The opposition leader illegally swore himself in as president of Uganda yesterday, the UPI reported.

Besigye – who was supposed to be under house arrest – and a throng of his supporters gathered in downtown Kampala on Wednesday afternoon to hold a brief inauguration ceremony. There was a stage, podium, Bible, flags and pageantry.


He fooled police and escaped through a barrier into the city, according to media reports.

Anti-riot police broke up the crowd of supporters using tear gas and Besigye was arrested shortly after his appearance.

President-elect Museveniin sworn in for real on Thursday; however tensions are running high in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.


Besigye and his backers in Uganda’s opposition FDC party insist that February’s election results are invalid. They say the voting as rigged by Museveniin and his ruling party.

FDC leaders are calling Besigye the “people’s president.”


Before Thursday’s official swearing-in, the government had halted social media access in the country and set up roadblocks throughout the city.