These shiny motorcycles are made with SPOONS

02:21 PM | 13 Feb, 2016
These shiny motorcycles are made with SPOONS
NEW YORK (Web Desk) - An American artist has become an internet sensation for creating beautiful motorcycle sculptures using nothing but bent spoons.

James Rice also sells his figurines on Etsy from time to time, each priced in the range of $3,000 to $4,000, the Oddity Central reported.


“I had a lot of spoons I erred on, but didn’t want to throw them away,” said his wife, Jeny Buckley. “I asked Jim to make something cool for me.”


Air Force veteran Rice, who has always been a good artist, immediately thought of motorcycles.

Over time, Rice has come up with ways to bend and shape spoons without the use of heat or hammering. So he’s able to give them the shape the desired shape without spoiling their original beauty.


“Jim flattens, bends, twists, and shapes the spoons by hand,” the description on the Etsy page reads. “Everything on his chopper is spoons; engine, wheels, tires, gas tank. He truly sees how to make the unassuming spoon into something most of us would have never thought of.”


Now that Rice has used up all the extra spoons lying around the house, he and Buckley spend their free time looking for more spoons at thrift stores and yard sales. And their friends regularly bring over spare spoons as well.


Rice usually works around 60 hours a week at his regular job.


Rice’s latest creation, named ‘The Bagger’, is 21 inches long and weighs a little over seven pounds.


After winning three awards at Washington State Fair’s Fine Art Show, it is now available for sale on Etsy, priced at $3,899.99.