CHENNAI (Web Desk) – The selfie epidemic has claimed another life as a 16-year-old boy in Indian state Chennai died on Sunday evening while attempting to click a selfie with a speeding train in the background.

According to Indian media, the boy had attempted to take a selfie with a speeding train in the background and was killed in the process. The victim was a student of Grade 11 and was returning home with his friends after visiting a zoological park.

On his way back to home, the boy noticed the Chennai Beach-Chengalpattu electric train speeding by and decided to photograph himself with the train in the background.

Tragically, the boy misjudged the distance between him and the train and was run over by it.

The accident comes just weeks after police in the western city of Mumbai moved to crack down on dangerous selfies after the World Washington Post reported last month, that India had half of the 27 selfie deaths reported from across the world last year.

Police identified 16 dangerous selfie spots in Mumbai and have asked the local council to erect warning signs and deploy lifeguards.

A 23-year-old tourist also died while clicking selfie at the Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur city on January 19.