WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Barack Obama was the first United States president to visit Cuba in decades, and now the US administration is mulling to arrange his trip to Japan’s Hiroshima city, making him first US president to visit the nuclear-bombed city since World War-II.

Although, Japan and United States enjoy strong bilateral ties despite the fact that US military had thrown nuclear bombs at two cities Japan to end World War-II, none of the United States presidents has ever paid visit to the Nagasaki or Hiroshima.

In 2015, Obama’s under secretary for arms control and international security Rose Gottemoeller became the first US official to attend the ceremony to mark the nuclear-bombing event in Hiroshima.

US Secretary of the State John Kerry is also expected to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park this week, when he would reach Japan to attend Group of 7 foreign ministers meeting.

Meanwhile US media reports have claimed that the White House is also considering Obama’s trip to Japan in which he would visit Hiroshima and pay respects to the victims of World War-II nuclear bombing. Any such visit is expected in May this year, when Obama will attend G7 Summit in Japan.

During the Japan tour, Barack Obama is expected to urge the world powers to put an end to the further proliferation of nuclear weapons to avoid more incidents like Hiroshima bombing.