BEIJING (News Desk) – Through its communist party-backed media, China has given a strong message to Australia, calling it a “paper cat” and a country with an “inglorious history”.

The development took place following last week’s joint statement by Australia, the US and Japan which called on China to abide by the ruling of an international tribunal over the South China Sea.

In an editorial, the Beijing-based Global Times said that joint statement issued by the three countries was actually a failure as many other states have already expressed their support towards China for its stance on the South China Sea.

The newspaper also used several other arguments previously stated by the leaders of the Communist Party to dismiss the rhetoric that China had no historic claims on the South China Sea.

The editorial followed a statement of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang in which Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was denounced publicly.

Australia should “carefully talk and cautiously behave” on the sensitive matter of the South China Sea, he said at a press briefing two weeks ago.