KHARTOUM (Web Desk) – A 19-year-old Christian woman has been sentenced by a court in Sudan to 20 lashes and a fine for “indecent dress,” her lawyer told CNN.

Fardos Al-Toum was one of 10 young women students arrested outside a church in Khartoum on June 25 for wearing jeans and long shirts, according to the group’s lawyer, Muhamad Mustafa.

When Al-Toum showed up to court to answer the charge, the judge said the clothing she was wearing then was also indecent and sentenced her to an additional fine, plus 20 lashes, the lawyer said.

Mustafa said he had lodged an appeal against the lashes, but it is still pending, with no scheduled decision at the moment.

Five of the women were ordered to pay fines. Two of them, including Al-Toum, had to pay 500 Sudanese pounds (about $82) and three were told to pay 50 pounds.

Four of them were cleared of the charge and immediately released. One other is due to stand trial on Sunday.