NEW DELHI – On Tuesday India demanded Pakistan conduct a “credible crackdown” on militant groups after Hafiz Saeed was detained at a mosque in Lahore.

“Exercises such as yesterday’s orders against Hafiz Saeed and others have been carried out by Pakistan in the past also,” India’s foreign ministry said after the leader of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) group was placed under “preventative detention” on Monday night.

“Only a credible crackdown on the mastermind of the Mumbai terrorist attack and terrorist organisations involved in cross-border terrorism would be proof of Pakistan’s sincerity,” it added in a statement.

In a video address to his supporters before he was placed under house arrest, Saeed alleged that the growing bonhomie between US President Donald Trump and Narendra Modi was the reason behind his detention. He claimed that Pakistan was put under pressure by India for his advocacy on the Kashmir and Balochistan issues.