MUKERIAN – Amid the growing war frenzy in India after the Uri attack, the obsession with conspiracy theories about Pakistan has once again betrayed fanatic minds across the border.

In what is termed ‘high-alert’ security measure, the Indian Police on Thursday once again took a pigeon in custody over espionage charges.

A resident of the village in Mukerian near Pathankot, an Indian military base, found a sick looking white pigeon with Urdu inscription written on its wings in his house.

Pakistani spy pigeon

The person took the pigeon to a nearby police station where police tried to find someone who could decipher the code. However, they could only find days of the week written on it, The Hindustan Times reported.

Police later sent the pigeon for an X-Ray but found nothing suspicious about it. The pigeon, however, has been kept in custody for the time being.

In May last year a similar incident occurred when Indian police kept a pigeon in custody on charges of espionage.