Palestinian man, blinded by Israeli police, wins landmark case

  • Luai Abed, 37, is the first Palestinian to be recognised victim of hostilities

JERSUALEM – A man from Jerusalem, who lost the vision in his left eye in an Israeli police attack two years ago, has become the first Palestinian to be recognised as a “victim of hostilities”, reports Ynetnews.

Luai Abed, a 37-year-old east Jerusalem resident, is the first Palestinian to be recognised as such by Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII). He will be entitled to monetary remuneration and various benefits under the Benefits for Victims of Hostilities Law.

The decision has set a precedent for Palestinians injured by Israeli officials during riots they were not involved in to be recognised as victims and enable them to claim a monthly disability allowance.

Israeli forces opened fire at Abed when he went to his balcony after hearing noise in the street. The injury caused him to lose his vision in his left eye, rendering him disabled for life.

Abed was solely a bystander as Israeli forces chased two young Palestinians. Despite this, he was stopped and searched in the ambulance at a checkpoint. Police also searched him when he was admitted to the hospital.