Crackdown on the social media is now getting to the television in Egypt 


Egypt- The crackdown on websites in Egypt continues. On Sunday Egypt’s Supreme media regulatory council decided to ban the broadcast of Saturday Night Live Arabia a comedy show which was launched in 2016. Despite all the odds it sustained to be an entertainment for viewers, the show avoided all sorts of political references in their comedy , keeping it safe.

According to the council the show contained “sexual expressions” which were against the ethics , social system of Egypt and it wasn’t acceptable to some viewers who reported this show as it contained “provocative content”, “foul language” and “inappropriate dresses”. So the committee decided to ban the show.

“The show contains gestures, inappropriate dress, provocative scenes and profane language which violate the moral standard of the Egyptian code of ethics,” said Saleh al-Sallhi, a member of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, according to Egypt Independent.

“This reflects the broader intolerance for any socially challenging narratives in the public sphere and the government’s attempt to protect a narrow and conservative notion of austere morality,” said Timothy Kaldas, an analyst at The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy

People on the internet were not having it:

Entertainment content can carry subliminal messages, but rather than banning such shows we need to educate people about media and how there are sides to it. Somethings are shown for sheer entertainment purposes. The crackdown continues.