RIYADH – Harrowing details behind the execution of Saudi prince who was beheaded on Tuesday have surfaced giving a glimpse of how the prince got entangled in a brawl that led to his death.

The story of Saudi Prince Turki bin Saud Al Kabeer dates back to 2012 when he headed to a recreational spot “Thumama” on the outskirts of Riyadh with his two friends including Adil Alhameed who were getting along in separate cars.

As the trio reached Thumam, they saw two groups engaged in a brawl with heavy ammunition. Prince and his friends left the cars to see what was happening around amid heavy exchange of fire between the groups.

Prince also pulled out his own weapon and started blind firing but unfortunately a bullet targeted his friend Adil who lost his life on spot. Prince’s other friend also faced injuries. The local police rushed to the spot and arrested prince.

Upon investigations, it was reportedly revealed that the prince was under the influence of drugs at the time of firing and felt extremely sad for his deceased friend.

The murder case was moved to the court but the family of prince kept trying to settle the dispute through blood money. The court after repeated hearings ordered to behead the prince after the prince was found guilty.

Prince’s friend Adil Al-Hameed

The affluent family still pinned hope on the blood money aspect and insisted the father of Adil to pardon Saud Al Kabeer. Even Governor of Saudi Capital Riyadh Amir Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz reportedly begged Adil’s father to have mercy on the young prince but Adil’s father stood his ground and sought retribution of prince.

And finally the horrible day of Tuesday October 18 dawned. according to an eye witness, Doctor Muhammad Al-Maslookhi the prince prayed the night prayer on the last day and then he recited the Holy Quran till the morning (Fajr) prayer.

The prince took shower and was transferred to the yard for implementation of retribution. There prince along with many others prayer afternoon (Zuhr) prayer.

Scores of family members of both Prince and Adil’s family gathered at the ground dedicated for beheading.For one more time, the governor of Riyadh asked Adil’s father to have a mercy and pardon Saudi Prince but to no avail.

Around 4.13 the executioner took his position and beheaded Prince Turki bin Saud Al Kabeer. With this Prince’s father entered into a severe bout of crying.

The execution gives a glimpse of the rule of law still prevailing in the kingdom.