Trump wishes befriending ‘short and fat’ Kim Jong-Un

  • I am not entirely joking about one day befriending Kim: Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump took a strong exception to Kim Jong-Un’s comments about him being ‘old’ hitting back with sarcastic jibes of his own.

Though Trump was on his pivotal tour in Vietnam for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, even then he thought of firing a salvo against Kim Jong by insulting his Pyongyang adversary.

Harnessing his quintessential mode of communication, Twitter, the tycoon-turned-president expressed that ‘he would NEVER call him “short and fat’.

Though the verbal spat is definitely not going to play a part for detente between Washington and Pyongyang, even then Trump’s tweet ended with a hope to befriend his arch nemesis N.Korean head.

When Trump was pressed further, he insisted that he had not been entirely joking about one day befriending the man.

“That might be a strange thing to happen but it’s certainly a possibility,” he told reporters at a press conference in the Vietnamese capital.

“If that did happen, it would be a good thing, I can tell you, for North Korea … I don’t know that it will, but it would be very, very nice if it did,” he added.

Trump has dubbed Kim as a ‘madman and ‘Rocket Man’ while the 33-year-old responded by calling the 71-year-old former reality TV star a ‘mentally deranged dotard’ and ‘lunatic old man’.