ANKARA (Web Desk) – An eight-member crew aboard on Turkish military helicopter has landed in Alexandroupoli, northern Greece,  here on Saturday.

According to ANA-MPA News Agency, the passengers who were seized for illegal entry into Greece are now seeking political asylum.

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Greece’s defence ministry confirmed the news and said a Blackhawk military helicopter carrying seven Turkish military personnel and one civilian has landed at the airport in the city of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece.

Preliminary reports suggest the crew may belong to the faction of the Turkish armed forces that staged a coup on Friday night.

The Turkish military Black Hawk helicopter that landed at the airport “Demokritos” Alexandroupolis earlier today, aboard three majors, three captains and two Archilochus, according to sources of the ANA-MPA.

Meanwhile, The Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, demanded on Twitter their immediate extradition.

Currently, the helicopter crew members have been detained at a police precinct in Alexandroupoli on charges of illegal entry into the country.

It is relevant to mention that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras early today expressed his “support for the democratically elected” Turkish government.