RIYADH – The foreign minister of United Arab Emirates warned Europe of a terror threat just a day before the tragic blast rocked Manchester on Monday.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, during the Tweeps Forum 2017 on Sunday highlighted the role of Saudi Arabia regarding terrorism and affirmed that the Kingdom was more keen to stamp it out than the Europeans.

The minister categorically named specific metropolises including London and took aim at the west for lack of decision-making that could result in a spillover of terrorism.

“The voices we hear calling for murder and shedding blood and stealing the wealth of people are in London, Germany, Spain and Italy,” he said.

“There will come a day when we see far more radicals, extremists and terrorists coming from Europe because of (a) lack of decision-making, and trying to be politically correct,” he observed.

Zayed Al-Nahyan also threatened to publicly expose the countries and to classify them as incubators of terror provided “they don’t address this problem of terrorism in their lands”.

The remarks came as Saudi and UAE foreign ministers expressed their views in panel discussion on digital responses to extremism.

The legislator opined that online content was being exploited by militants to hire fresh recruits for their subversive activities.

The minister detailed that the establishment of a Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology was one of the results of the US-Saudi summit attended by Saudi bigwigs and US president Donald Trump, pointing towards the Kingdom’s efforts to confront radical thought.

Meanwhile, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that one of the challenges was not knowing the identity of users on social media sites.

At least 22 killed, over 50 injured in ‘suicide attack’ at Manchester concert

“There must be a way of knowing who will misuse these means,” Al-Jubeir said.

In an eerie coincidence, just a day after UAE’s legisltor expressed his fears, Manchester, a metropolitan of UK and a pivotal element driving Europe’s economy came under attack as a blast rocked the northern English city leaving 22 people dead while injuring over 50.

The blast happened at a concert hall with a seating capacity of around 21000 people, after the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert. The incident jolted British Kingdom leading to the suspension of the election campaign by Prime Minister Theresa May.