NEW DELHI – Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launched into an anti-Pakistan diatribe on Tuesday, asserting that India alone could not walk the path of peace insinuating that Islamabad must walk away from terror if it wanted to carry out a dialogue with India.

While speaking at the inauguration of the second edition of the Raisina Dialogue, an annual conference held in New Delhi, Modi outlined his foreign policy while taking potshots at Pakistan.

“India alone cant walk the path of peace. It also has Pakistan’s journey to make. Pakistan must walk away from terror if it wants to have dialogue with India,” Modi said in a clear cut message.

“Those in our neighbours who support violence, hatred and export terror stand isolated and ignored,” Modi added.

Indian premier claimed to have extended an invitation to all members of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), including Pakistan, ever since he assumed office.

“I had also travelled to Lahore but India alone cannot walk the path of peace,” the Indian premier added.

Modi seemed to have a softer view towards China.

“Engagement with China can tap areas of commercial partnership. Development of India and China is an opportunity. But it is not unnatural for two large neighbouring powers to have differences,” Modi noted.

Pakistan’s upper house, Senate condemned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan tirade after he recently branded Pakistan ‘the mothership of terrorism’.

“This house strongly condemns the statement of…Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attributing terrorism to Pakistan and drawing a parallel between India and Israel, evoking a parallel between Kashmir and Palestine, during the recently held BRICS Summit held in Goa, India,” said a resolution adopted unanimously on Monday.

Meanwhile, minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif Monday reiterated that Pakistan armed forces would respond with full force if India tried to carry out any surgical strikes inside Pakistan.

Winding up a debate on a motion moved by Sehar Kamran regarding the situation arising out of the continuing Indian violations of the Line of Control (LoC) and ceasefire on the Working Boundary (WB), the minister said that if India dared to carry out surgical strike inside Pakistan, it would be accorded treatment that it would forget even claiming any fake and false strikes.