ANKARA: According to, two CIA pilots were arrested for an attempted assassination on Turkish President Reccep Erdogan during the failed coup more than a week ago, who are incidentally the same ones who downed Russian Su-24m Bomber jet last year.

The site reports that the Obama regime wanted to kill President Edogan and replace him with CIA controlled figure-head Fetullah Gulen.

However,, a well-known site for debunking rumors, said in their report that the claims made by were most likely fabricated. The stories of the capture of the two pilots responsible for downing Russian jet are true and claims have been made by Erdogan that the coup plotters, under the leadership of Akin Ozturk, had ties with US-based cleric Fetullah Gulen but no compelling evidence has been provided for this assertion so far.

It has also been confirmed by many high officials in Turkey that Erdogan’s plane along with two F-16s for his protection were locked on radar by at least two other F-16s during the failed Ankara coup, but curiously shots were never fired.

Nevertheless, no claims linking the two events were made by any official Turkish body which confirms that the report made by is a fabrication, made by mixing two entirely separate events to make a sensational story.

In other news, President Erodgan is keen on reinstating death penalty if Turkey’s parliament submits a formal request despite warnings by the European Union of halting accession talks if the country does so.