KERALA – A woman in India who was allegedly gang-raped by her husband’s friends was asked which rapist did she ‘enjoy’ most during her alleged gang-rape.

The woman wept as she went public with her story and said she was forced to withdraw her complaint because of humiliation by the police, NDTV reported.

The 32-year-old woman alleged that policemen were asking lewd questions to women as if they were enjoying it while ridiculing her.

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“Far more than rape, it was the police threats and humiliation that was unbearable,” the victim said in Thiruvananthapuram, speaking to reporters with her husband by her side, both their faces covered.

The victim alleged that the four rapists included a politician with high connections. Artiste and activist Bhagya Lakshmi said in a Facebook post, which was kept in the ‘friends only’ setting, that the police officer asked the woman,  ‘whom did you enjoy most?’

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According to Deccan Chronicle, Bhagyalakshmi said she stood by every word in the post. When DC pressed Bhagyalakshmi to identify the police station limits where the crime occurred, she declined saying the time was not ripe to expose the victim/survivor to possible intimidation and danger.

Two years ago, the woman had claimed that when her husband was away, four of his friends came to her house and claimed he was in hospital. She went with them, but they allegedly drove her somewhere outside the city.

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The woman alleged that the men took turns to rape her.

After two years, the woman confided in her husband, who urged her in August to go to the police. “I was called to the police station for four days continuously and made to sit there from morning to evening. I was asked humiliating questions,” the woman said.