Imran Khan's close friends, Umer Farooq Goldie denies offering him 10bn on behalf of Sharifs

06:10 PM | 1 May, 2017
Imran Khan's close friends, Umer Farooq Goldie denies offering him 10bn on behalf of Sharifs
LAHORE - The Lahore-based businessmen, who are known for their friendship with the PTI chief and have also links with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, categorically deny receiving any offer from the Sharifs and extending it to the former cricketer, according to the News.

Imran Khan has alleged that one of his close friends, a businessman of Lahore, informed him in Dubai that Shahbaz Sharif offered Rs10 billion for Imran Khan to keep silent on the PanamaLeaks. Imran said that his friend was also close to Shahbaz Sharif and told him that the offer was given some two months ago but he (common friend) could not convey it to the PTI chief in time.

Politician and Former MNA Nabil Gabol had also claimed that the owner of Shapes gym – who is also a mutual friend with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif – brought the 10billion rupees bribe offer to Imran Khan to keep mum over Panama leaks.

The politician took to the twitter to ‘reveal’ the name of the alleged person. “Shapes owner mutual friend of Hamza nd Imran .IK must not keep his name discreet just bcoz they r friends it is of national interest 100m,” Gabol tweeted on Friday.

According to sources, Goldie’s brother Nadeem Cheena has links with the Punjab chief minister. When The News approached Umar Goldie, he simply started laughing. “Impossible. Neither did anyone make any such offer to me nor did I come to know about any such development,” Goldie said.

Gabol was referring to Imran Khan’s old friend and confidante Umer Farooq, also known as Goldy.

Another businessman, Qamar Khan Boby, categorically denied receiving any offer from Shahbaz Sharif or extending it to the PTI chief. Qamar Boby said that he had not met the Punjab chief minister for many days, so no question arose that he could make such an offer through him. “I came to know about this statement of Imran Khan from newspapers and was thinking to ask Imran about details,” Boby said adding, “Imran Khan should disclose details to avoid confusion on this issue.”

Boby is not only a close friend of Imran Khan but also his distant relative, was an ex-banker and now a businessman and a financial consultant. Boby, who is a nephew of renowned Lt Gen Zahid Ali Akbar, is also known for his closeness with Shahbaz Sharif. When this correspondent contacted Qamar Boby and questioned him about his relations with both sides, he explained that Shahbaz Sharif is his respected friend whereas Imran Khan is his cousin.

Mubashir, another close friend of Imran Khan, told The News he did not believe in such thing and never engaged himself in shady deals. He said neither did anybody discuss such a thing with him nor did he come to know about any such whispering around him.

Spokesman of Malik Riaz, Colonel Khalil, the personal staff officer and spokesman for Malik Riaz also denied the allegations. He said: “I can tell you on authority that Malik Riaz was not approached by any side for any such offer."