List of civil, military award recipients

11:53 AM | 24 Mar, 2015
List of civil, military award recipients
ISLAMABAD (APP) - President Mamnoon Hussain decorated the recipients of 52 civil and 60 military awards at an impressive investiture ceremony held here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Pakistan Day (Monday).

The President decorated the recipients of 52 civil awards including 09 foreign nationals and Pakistanis living abroad for their services and contribution in various fields of life.

Following is the list of awards and the recipients:


1. Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar (Gallantry)


2. Dr. Syed Muhammed Junaid Zaidi (Science & Technology/ Teaching & Administration)

3. Mr. Riaz Ahmed Engineering (Mining)

4. Dr. Raza Samar (Aerospace Engineering)

5. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Suddle (Electronics Engineering)

6. Engineer Muhammad Asghar (Education/Science and Technology)

7. Agha Hasan Abedi (late) (Public Service)


8. Mr. Muhammad Hilal Shaheed (Gallantry)

9. Mrs. Tahira Qazi Shaheed (Gallantry)

10. Mrs. Saima Zareen Shaheed (Gallantry)


11. Dr. Shahid Mahmood Baig (Science, Biology)

12. Prof. Muhammad Umar (Medicine - Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases)

13. Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali (Arts -Qiraat)

14. Mr. Ma Zhiping (Services to Pakistan - Aviation)

15. Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf (Public Service)

16. Dr. Riaz Jawed Khawaja (Public Service)

17. Prof. Dr. Moazzam Nazeer Tarar (Public Service)

18. Mr. Haris Suleman (late) (Public Service)

19. Dr. Zahid Pervaiz (Public Service)

20. Mr. Bashir Dawood (Public Service)

21. Mr. Zahid Hameedi (Public Service)

22. Mr. Babar Suleman (late) (Public Service)


23. Syed Muhammad Qaisar Abbas Naqvi (Arts - Drama Acting)

24. Mr. Asif Ali Khan (Arts - Film Actor)

25. Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman (Journalism)

26. Mr. Amir Iqbal Khan (Sports - Squash)

27. Ms. Samina Baig (Sports - Mountaineering)

28. Dr. Jamal Nasir (Social Work)


29. Dr. Peter Langer (Services to Pakistan)

30. Dr. Sajjad Haider Karim (Services to Pakistan)


31. Mr. Mazhar Ali Shaheed (Gallantry)

32. Mr. Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Shaheed (Gallantry)

33. Mr. Ashok Kumar (late) (Gallantry)

34. Mr. Javed Shaheed (Gallantry)

35. Mr. Tariq Shaheed (Gallantry)

36. Mr. Wajid Ali Shaheed (Gallantry)

37. Mr. Muhammad Khan (Gallantry)

38. Mr. Amir Rang Zeb Shaheed (Gallantry)

39. Mr. Inayat Ullah (Gallantry)

40. Mr. Farman Ali (Gallantry)

41. Col. Masood Ahmed Babar (Gallantry)

42. Mr. Safdar Nawaz (Gallantry)

43. Mr. Nasrullah Khan Shaji Shaheed (Gallantry)


44. Dr. Masroor Ikram (Science - Physics)

45. Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Khan (Health)

46. Prof. Abdul Bari Khan (Health)

47. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh (Comparative Jurisprudence)

48. Al-Haj Molvi Rayazuddin Ahmed (late) (Education)

49. Prof. Dr. Tahir Masood (Education)

50. Mr. Jamshed Masroor, (Jamshed Iqbal Rana) (Literature - Poetry)

51. Mr. Minhaj Muhammad Khan (Minhaj Barna) (late) (Journalism)

52. Dr. Nauman Hamid Niaz (Sports - Sports Journalism / Broadcasting)

President Mamnoon Hussain also decorated 60 recipients of military awards including Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) (38) and Sitara-I-Imtiaz.

Following is the list of recipients of military awards:-


1. Air Marshal Saeed Muhammad Khan

2. Air Marshal Javaid Ahmad

3. R-Adm. Syed Imdad Imam Jafri

4. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Muazzam Ali

5. AVM Sohail Ahmad Malik

6. AVM Muhammad Salman

7. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Tariq Halim Suri

8. R/ADM Shah Sohail Masood

9. Maj. Gen. Syed Badshah Hussain Zaidi

10. Maj. Gen. Rehan Abdul Baqi

11. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ayyub

12. R/ADM Syed Bashir Ahmed

13. Maj. Gen. Arshad Mahmood

14. Maj. Gen. Khalid Mahmood

15. Maj. Gen. Omar Mahmood Hayat

16. Maj. Gen. Faheemul Aziz

17. Maj. Gen. Sajjad Rasul

18. Maj. Gen. Shahid Baig Mirza

19. Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa

20. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Jaffar

21. Maj. Gen. Sadiq Ali

22. Maj. Gen. Syed Najmul Hassan Shah

23. Maj. Gen. Farhan Akhtar

24. R/Adm. Waseem Akram

25. R/Adm. Farrokh Ahmad

26. R/Adm. Jamil Akhtar

27. Maj. Gen. Ghulam Qamer

28. Maj. Gen. Khan Tahir Javed Khan

29. Maj. Gen. Umar Farooq Durrani

30. Maj. Gen. Aamer Riaz, FF MO Dte

31. Maj Gen. Ahmad Mahmood Hayat

32. Maj. Gen. Anjum Enayat, Avn, O&M Dte

33. Maj. Gen. Ali Abbas Hyder

34. Maj. Gen. Abid Rafique, Punjab, HQ SSG Cherat

35. Maj Gen. Nasir Dilawar Shah

36. Maj Gen. Abdul Khaliq Naveed, AMC, Spec SOD

37. Maj Gen. Adil Khan

38. Maj Gen. Amjad Fahim


39. Maj Gen. Sana Ullah Khan (Shaheed)

40. Lt. Col. Tauseef Ahmed (Shaheed)

41. Lt. Col. Sajid Mushtaq (Shaheed)

42. Wing Commander Syed Omer Shah

43. Wing Commander Omair Ahmad Nijmi

44. Wing Commander Jamal Akbar Afridi (Late)

45. Maj. Jahanzeb Adnan (Shaheed)

46. Capt. Hassan Musahib Javaid, (Shaheed)

47. Capt. Naveed Khan (Shaheed)

48. Capt. Yahya Abdul Samad (Shaheed)

49. Sub. Ikhlaq Ahmed Khan (Shaheed)

50. N.Sub, Safdar Ali (Shaheed)

51. Hav. Abdul Rauf (Shaheed)

52. L/MAR, Muhammad Mushtaq

53. Lnk. Rahim Khan (Shaheed)

54. Lnk. Muhammad Irshad Khan (Shaheed)

55. Lnk. Muhammad Irfan Sattar (Shaheed)

56. Sep. Muhammad Asif (Shaheed)

57. Sep. Abid Ali (Shaheed)

58. Sep. Maraj Ahmad Rabbani (Shaheed)

59. Sep. Muhammad Shakeel (Shaheed)

60. Sep. Shahbaz Ahmad (Shaheed)

Sindh Governor confers civil awards on Pakistan Day

Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan in an impressive ceremony held at Governor House here on Monday, on the eve of Pakistan Day, conferred civil awards to 27 personalities for their extra-ordinary services in various fields.

The Governor awarded five Sitara-e-Imtiaz: to Prof. Dr. Abdul Qadir Mughal (Education), Yousaf Kamal Shakeel (Art), Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqi (Public Service), Najeeb Danawala (Public Service) and Muhammad Siddiq Sheikh (Public Service).

The Presidential awards for Pride of Performance were conferred on Dr. Rukhsana Mughal (Health), Prof. Shahnaz Ismail (Visual Arts-Education), Mehar Afroze (Art-Painting), Masmat Pari (Farasi Banai), Salahuddin Tunio (Art-Acting), Abdul Kareem Solangi (Art-Sculpturing), Muhammad Bakhsh (Art), Vali Ram Vallabhu (Literature), Dr. Ali Shouq (Literacy and Education), Muhammad Saleem Kousar (Literature), Muhammad Idress Bakhtair (Journalism) and Aqeel Khan (Sport-tennis).

The Governor also awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz to Dr. Syed Riaz Baqar (Science- Research), Muhammad Zafar Adil Malik (Engineering), Prof. Zakariyya Sajid (Journalism), Allama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi (Education), Prof. Dr. Shakeel Auj Shaheed (Posthumous-Education), Anwaar Ahmed Khan (Posthumous-Sport-Hochey), Abdul Waheed Khan (Sport-Hockey), Najamul Saqib Hameed (Social Services), Mehtabuddin Chawla (Social Services) and Syed Ateequr Rehman (Social Services).

The awards were given for remarkable services in the field of Education, Literature, Science, Art & Craft, Health and Journalism.

Governor KP confers civil awards

Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan in a ceremony held here on Monday conferred Tamgha-i-shujaat to 142 families of Shuhuda of Army Public School, Tamgha-i-Imtiaz to nine personalities of the province, Presidential pride of performance to three and Sitar-e-Imtiaz to two personalities for their extra-ordinary services in their respective disciplines.

The event was attended by members of the provincial cabinet, Parliamentarians, Senior government civil and military officials, relatives of martyrs and well-wisher of the recipient of the National Award.

The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa awarded two Sitara-e-Imtiaz: to Riaz Khan Mahsud, Deputy Commissioner, Peshawar and Mr.Wilson Wazir, Govt. Degree College colony, Landikotal in acknowledgement of their extra ordinary services.

The Presidential awards for Pride of Performance were conferred on Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti for his remarkable achievements in the field of science and technology (NUST) while Mrs. Jehan Sultana Peshawar and Mr.Sultan Muhammad Sukoon (Abbottabad) also got the Presidential awards for Pride of Performance.

Dr.Muhammad Raza Shah from H.E.J research institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Prof. Dr.Mohammad Tahir Shah, National Centre of Excellence in Geology, Peshawar, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nasim Khan, Peshawar, Prof. Dr.Muhammad Nisar Ahmad, Director (ORIC), Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar, Haroon-ur-Rashid Peshawar. Arbab Abdul Wakil, Peshawar. Layaq Zada Layaq Peshawar, Muhammad Sanaullah Khan Chief Editor Daily Frontier Star, Peshawar and Aamir Atlas Khan, Peshawar got Tamgh-e-Imtiaz, for valuable contribution in their fields.

On the occasion, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan said nation is united against terrorism and committed to root out militancy and extremism once for all. While paying tributes to the families of martyrs of APS, Peshawar, he said their sacrifices will be remembered with dignity and honor.

Governor Balochistan confers civil awards

The Governor conferred Sitar-i-Imtiaz on recipients including Vice Chancellor, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS, Eng. Ahmed Farooq Bazai.

He conferred Tamgha-i-Imtiaz on Professor Tahir Ahsas Jatak for Performance in literature and on Mohammad Siddique Baloch for performance in Journalism.

He conferred President's Award for Pride of Performance on Mohammad Bashir, Music (Folk Singer); Taj Mohammad, Music (Banjo Player); Kaneez Fatima, Arts (Blochi Embroidery); Agha Meer Naseer Khan Ahmed Zai (late). The award of Agha Ahmedzai was received by his son.