Adnan Sami’s passion for acquiring Indian citizenship

12:09 PM | 2 Mar, 2015
Adnan Sami’s passion for acquiring Indian citizenship
NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Singing was always his passion and now it is getting Indian citizenship. Adnan Sami, the 43-year old celebrated Pakistani singer has applied for Indian citizenship for a second time after a first attempt did not prove successful.

Adnan’s first request was declined some two years back. This time, the singer/actor has forwarded his application to the foreigner’s division of India’s home ministry and the officials have said that they are considering his application.

The Indian law ministry was asked by the home ministry, last month, about granting Indian citizenship to Sami. The former refused however by saying that the authority lied with the home-ministry. However, the law ministry offered to facilitate the home-ministry with any interpretation of the law so that Sami’s case could be resolved.

A foreigner is eligible to receive citizenship under the Indian Citizenship Act, provided he has delivered eminent service to the cause of science/technology, philosophy, art, literature, world peace or human progress.

Adnan Sami is a versatile artist, with creative talents as a singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer.