1453 electric meters found tempered: PESCO

05:58 PM | 3 Jul, 2015
1453 electric meters found tempered: PESCO

PESHAWAR (APP) - As many as 1453 out of 10203 electric meters have been found tampered in Pesco's meter testing laboratory besides imposition of Rs32million fine, says a statement of PESCO on Thursday.

The PESCO lab checked domestic, commercial and industrial electricity meters and found 1453 meters tempered. The accused consumers were fined against their actual load and the percentage of tampering.

In May last, 10203 single and three phase meters of Peshawar, Khyber, Mardan, Bannu, Abbotabad and Swat Circles were checked in Pesco Maintenance & Testing (M&T) laboratory out of which 1453 meters were found tempered/sluggish for theft purpose.

As many as 10203 (9380 single phase and 823 three phase meters) were sent to laboratory for checking during May last and a total 1453 meters (1343 single & 110 three phase meters) were found tampered for purposes of electricity theft.

The PESCO imposed Rs 32 million fine against the accused consumers.

The PESCO intensified drive against illegal use of electricity and that persons involved in power pilferage would be dealt with iron hands.