Say good bye to the extra pounds

11:37 PM | 4 Jan, 2018
Say good bye to the extra pounds
By Raniya Tanawar

We the Pakistanis love our food and are known worldwide for our voracious appetites! Yet, at the same time, health and fitness, and the desire for beautiful bodies remain ingrained within us.

Of course, exercise and diet are always the best and most consistent ways to combat excessive weight gain, but those concerned with unwanted, stubborn areas of fat that just wont disappear no matter the diet or gym routine need no longer worry. While liposuction and other cosmetic surgery options remain, Laser Lipolysis is a new non-surgical treatment that will help you to get back in shape without going through serious invasive surgeries.

The body-contouring treatments are carried out weekly over a number of weeks, and allow the patient to have a more gradual treatment programme, without having the downtime associated with full surgical or even minimally invasive procedures.

Why choose this treatment? Well, it allows for immediate weight loss and tighter skin following the treatment, and the body continues to process and naturally remove the melted fat, with the final result becoming clear over a over number of weeks. Now, for the first time ever, renowned cosmetologist Dr Tauqir Ahmad is offering Laser Lipolysis in Pakistan. So flush out your body fat woes, and kick off 2018 with your dream body!