Chaye Thaana: Get served in jail

12:39 PM | 6 Dec, 2017
Chaye Thaana: Get served in jail
LAHORE - Amidst the newly found trend for building cafes around themes (take FRIENDS or Game Of Thrones), we are now witnessing a jail themed cafe. That is right; get served in jail of 'Chaye Thaana'.

An innovative project helmed by three creative geniuses who also happen to be engineers, entering 'Chaye Thaana' will give you the full experience of your typical jail with barbed wires and a police desk set up and even a hanging rope (if you have never been to one: pun intended). With being served scrumptious and delightful food to set the mood, it's an encounter of its own. Even the waiters are wearing prison clothes and you get served with an ‘FIR’ for a bill.

Our team recently went to the place to witness and experience for themselves. Here is the video. Enjoy! And don't forget to visit 'Chaye Thaana' for your own pleasurable experience in this highly innovative jail themed restaurant.