Refine your camera skills with Xposure’s new e-workshop series featuring David Newton

The acclaimed British photographer will lead six free live workshops online, highlighting new nuances of the craft every week from July 7 – August 11

05:39 PM | 6 Jul, 2020

SHARJAH - Xposure International Photography Festival is creating a memorable learning experience for photography enthusiasts with the launch of a series of online photography workshops, to be live-streamed on its website beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, July 07), and led by ace photographer and filmmaker, David Newton.

This fun and exciting one hour workshops are free to attend, caters to diverse age groups, and are ideal for beginners, amateurs as well as professionals. The live streaming workshops can be accessed on the Xposure International Photography Festival’s website at

Budding photography enthusiasts across the UAE can now gain new perspectives on diverse techniques and brush up their skills under the guidance of a professional photographer known for his versatility and ability to tackle most subjects with a minimum of fuss. With his love for the outdoors, travel and the natural world, British photographer David Newton are proficient at shooting anything from landscapes and portraits to travel, sport, products, architecture and macro.

Livestream six specialised free workshops starting tomorrow!  

Take control

July 07, 7pm

Does your camera rule your settings? If so, you need to wrestle it back so you can get the pictures you want, rather than what the camera thinks you want. This workshop will give you the confidence to step away from the automatic modes in the knowledge that you can tell you camera what to do. 

All about light

July 14, 7pm

Light is the basis of all photography. If you’re not seeing light and don’t know how to record the right amount of it, you’ll always be struggling. This workshop will teach you how to see and record light to make sure your images really pop. 

Creative framing

July 21, 7pm;

Photography is not about pointing the camera and pressing a button. It is also about arranging the components of your scene to give balance and flow to the image, to drive the way a viewer looks at the pictures. In this workshop, you will learn the concepts of composition and how to find that balance in your pictures. 

Macro and flowers

July 28, 7pm

The world of macro photography can be fascinating and intriguing but it is also a challenge to do well. This workshop will look at lenses, lighting and techniques for getting great pictures of flowers at home. 

Soap Bubbles

August 04, 7pm

Do you want to create otherworldly images in the comfort of your own home? Capturing soap bubbles gives the impression of looking into other galaxies. It’s an easy technique to master but the continual change of the bubbles means it is a never-ending quest full of fun challenges. This session will show you how to start with soap bubble photography including how to make the bubbles and how to light them. 

Incense Sticks

August 11, 7pm

The humble incense stick can be a source of great images if you follow some simple rules around lighting. This session will get you familiar with the techniques and show you how to create beautiful, ethereal pictures. 

Memorable learning experience

HE Tariq Saeed Allay, Director of SGMB noted that the launch of this new workshop series soon after the global success of Xposure’s #HomeCaptured contest, was a reaffirmation of “Sharjah’s cultural leadership and shows the kind of importance the emirate accords to human development through creative pursuits.” He added that Xposure will remain committed to freely accessible community initiatives like these workshops in a bid to, “offer all photographers – irrespective of their technical background or experience – a common platform to learn and share freely at a time when this otherwise vibrant and communal art form has been impacted due to the social limitations posed by COVID-19.”

Commenting on the workshops, David Newton said: “This series of workshops will take you on a journey - from starting out with photography and wrestling control back from your camera to learning about composition and finally giving you some advice on simple home projects you can do to practice and learn while creating great pictures. Because the workshops will be live, you can ask questions as we go, just like if you were sitting in a workshop with me!”

He added: “The goal of these workshops is to help in improving photography. To get great pictures you need to understand your camera and how to use it, how to see and work with light and how to compose your images. After that, it is all about practice as you expand your skills and learn with every picture you take.”

To enhance your photography skills and learn better composition techniques, register today at

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), which has been organising Xposure since 2016 – the region’s biggest international photography festival, announced last month that the fifth edition of the annual event has been pushed to February 2021 as a precautionary step to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.