Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts hacked

12:41 PM | 6 Jun, 2016
Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts hacked
LAHORE (News Desk) - The owner of world's largest social media network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is the latest person to fall prey to hackers.

According to media reports, a group of hackers -who call themselves OurMine Team- successfully broke into Mark's Twitter and Pinterest accounts on Sunday night.

The hackers also posted some messages to prove their control on the accounts. They later also published his passwords online.

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Mark Zuckerberg's password on the both accounts was "dadada". Apparently, he has some other password on his Facebook account, otherwise it could also have been compromised.


Following the hack, both Twitter and Pinterest suspended the respective accounts.

It is being said that hackers had used a password revealed in last week's massive ‘dump’ of LinkedIn IDs and passwords.