Pakistan set to start Mercedes-Benz trucks production

03:28 PM | 6 May, 2018
Pakistan set to start Mercedes-Benz trucks production
ISLAMABAD - The National Logistics Cell (NLC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with German Daimler AG for local production of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Pakistan.

The agreement was signed on behalf of NLC by its Director General Major General Mushtaq Faisal and Pak NLC Motors CEO Zia Ahmed while Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was represented by Klaus Fischinger, Head of Executive Committee and Dr Ralf Forcher, Head of Sales at Woerth, Germany.

“Pakistan’s infrastructure and construction sectors have regis­tered significant growth in recent years having a direct effect on the logistics industry as it gives rise to an increased demand for commercial vehicles,” said Dr Ralf Forcher.

Local assembly of these trucks will mark a major shift in the domestic logistics and transportation industry towards the European manufacturers who offer technologically advanced products that combine superior performance, environment friendliness, reliability and road safety.

According to the NLC director-general, the incentives given in the Auto Development Policy 2016-21 have been instrumental for establishing local assembly of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Pakistan and its success will ensure a healthy competition in the industry as well as meet the logistics requirements of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. He added that it will bring qualitative change in local vendor industry and will provide new jobs.