Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam: Aamir Zaki's last staging

02:09 PM | 7 Jul, 2017
Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam: Aamir Zaki's last staging

When Pakistani guitar legend Aamir Zaki passed away on June 2nd last month, fans came to terms with the realization that they lost one of the finest musicians this country has ever had. We all didn't just mourn the loss of an unparalleled musician, but also a friend, a collaborator, mentor and inspiration.

While all that colleagues and friends of the late guitarist and singer have been left with are a few pictures and songs, there are still a few remaining works in progress that haven't assigned Zaki with the due credit of being the true artist that he actually was.

Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam can be counted among one of the last compositions that Aamir Zaki did music for, featuring Maha Ali Kazmi on vocals. Zaki and Maha worked on the number some years ago; however, unfortunately, it remained as unfinished work as the talented and versatile lead singer had to head to Australia and the maestro to Canada.

Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam - Aamir Zaki & Maha Ali Kamzi

Aamir Zaki and I worked on this song years ago. Unfortunately, it remained a work in progress, as I went to Australia and he to Canada. I'm dedicating this song here to the memory of Pakistan's greatest Musician ever, the guitar maestro Aamir Zaki. Aamir Zaki (April 8, 1968 – FOREVER). Special thanks to Mubashir Admani Youtube: https://youtu.be/090cSxwBya0 SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/2tHyRco Guitars, & Music Produced by Aamir Zaki Vocals: Maha Ali Kazmi Composition & Lyrics: Aamir Zaki

Posted by Maha Ali Kazmi on Monday, July 3, 2017

Like most of Zaki's work, this piece of music has a very melancholic vibe, eliciting sounds from his guitar as well as his personal journey unlike anything heard before.

We realize a lot when someone leaves. That's life, we suppose... And we guess some people just find their peace in another world.