Pakistan's Supreme Court attacked by pigs

02:02 PM | 8 Mar, 2018
Pakistan's Supreme Court attacked by pigs
ISLAMABAD - In winter, wild boars usually descend on Islamabad at night to feed on garbage heaps, sometimes terrifying citizens who are out for a walk.

This time the wild animal appeared in daylight in the capital and crossed into the premises of Pakistan's top court, which is under criticism these days for its bold decisions in cases against politicians.

Twitter user Usman Manzoor shared a video, stating: "Pigs in The Supreme Court go wild, attack everyone".

In the video clip, the staff of the Supreme Court can be seen trying to throw the intruders out of the premises with sticks. In retaliation, a wild pig ran towards the staffer and tried to attack him, but the employee remained safe luckily.

The animals enter the city from neighbouring hills, causing road mishaps. The population of pigs has multiplied over the years, but the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to contain them.