Punjab police solve kidnap mystery of youngster, eases falsely nominated accused

05:23 PM | 9 Jul, 2018
Punjab police solve kidnap mystery of youngster, eases falsely nominated accused
SHEIKHUPURA - In a show of matchless brilliance, the Punjab police has solved a mysterious kidnap case where the parents of a 13-year-old boy faked his abduction and pressurized the investigators.

Dilawar, ran away with a friend aged 29 to Karachi following which his parents registered an FIR relating to abduction/kidnapping with local police, nominating 5 people.

Interestingly, when the police started investigations, it emerged that 4 of the nominees had nothing to do with the case as they owned the factory where the child & his friend worked.

The parents, who kept protesting outside the police headquarter knew about the friendship of their son with the Karachi-based man but didn’t tell police anything about it.


Soon the case lingered on promoting the 'aggrieved' parents to blackmail the Investigative Officer & factory owners. They also submitted applications with high court and senior police officials.

'I saw the entire family (men & women) protesting in DPO office just to pressurize IO & factory owners,' revealed Farhan Khan, the officer attached to the case.

He explained on Twitter that the IO was perfectly investigating the case, as he used state of the art techniques including CDRs, geofencing & raided linkers houses in Muree, Sialkot, Multan but couldn’t get any clue.

However, finally one day the IMEI was active in Karachi. The IO started contacting Sindh Police & sought their help following which raids were conducted and when the boy and his friend came to know about all these happenings, the boy came back to Sheikhpura and reported in the police station.

The top cop revealed that he called his parents and they admitted being wrong and lying about other four people nominated in the FIR

Decrying the motives of the couple, the police officer expressed that they had maligned the IO for nothing, sharing that it took the police 3 months to trace everything they had been hiding.

'The parents did all this just to put the blame on someone else & hide the shame and embarrassment Dilawar was perceived to have brought upon his family,' concluded the officer.